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The Team

Founded in 2014, we are a non-profit group specializing in training teachers and children in technology.  Our services focus at the primary school level, but can be customized for secondary and gymnasium levels.  

Our workshops for educators help empower today's teachers with skills and confidence to use technology with their students.  We work closely and in partnership with foundations and strategic business partners to provide discounted or free workshops for the educational community.

Designed with support from EPFL and ETHZ, and domain knowledge experts in the fields of ICT and Education, our workshops allow Educators to explore and learn pedagogical approaches to promote algorithmic thinking, innovation, coding, robotics, and digital media.

Dawn brings over 17 years of experience working in the Telecom industry, for both large industry leaders, including the former AT&T Bell Labs and small startups in the technology space.  Dawn studied Computer Engineering at NJIT University in New Jersey, USA, and holds an SAPM Certification in Project Management from Stanford University, CA, USA.  In addition to product development, testing and leading a wide variety of complex technology projects, she has designed network solutions, and managed field trials and training sites.  Most recently Dawn worked as Director of a Global QA/Test Engineering Department at a mobile device management software company.


Dawn has always had a passion for education and a love of working with children.  Her belief "children born today are 'digital natives', they do not need to be taught how to use technology, only shown what they can do with it", is the underlying principal behind Technology in Learning.  Dawn comes from the United States, and has been living in Zurich with her husband and young daughter since October 2009.

Judy Elben
CTO / Educational Officer

Judy brings with her over 10 years experience teaching within a Montessori environment.  Expert in classroom management techniques, emergent literacy, and early childhood development, Judy has domain expertise in laying the foundation for an early educational directive that helps lead to a prosperous and sustainable society. 

Working as a guide and facilitator, Judy believes in the fundamental role of creating an atmosphere of learning and inquisitiveness designed to move students from one activity and level to the next.   An expert in designing activities to allow students to learn from their own discoveries, she encourages actively engaging children in the learning process and enhancing critical thinking skills.

Believing that technology is a tool used to achieve these goals, Judy encourages the application of new and existing techniques at age appropriate levels. 

Judy holds a postgraduate Diploma in Educational Psychology from Massey University, New Zealand , and has been living in Zurich, Switzerland with her husband and family since 1994.

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