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Our Philosophy

Digitization changes our daily lives.  Unfamiliarity with or even ignorance of technology will be a disadvantage for today's children's future work life.

The job of today’s educator is very hard and misunderstood, they are expected to be the”master of knowledge” for all subjects taught at the primary school level.  With today’s demands in preparing our students for the future, courses and educational topics supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) are now mandatory (Lehrplan 21), leaving our most valued educators feeling unprepared, unconfident and unsure of their expected new teaching methods.

The way we plan classroom activities and the questions we invite children to explore turn an ordinary play activity into savvy and pointed STEM education. Teaching methods need to be not only innovative and easy to adapt, but also an essential segue into a student’s future academic and professional success.

Research shows young boys and girls under the age of 9 have equal interest in math and science, and it is not until they are older that they start to show gender-stereotypical preferences and girls start to lose interest, whether due to social cues or environmental influences during adolescence.

It is our goal to promote, support and invest our know-how in our educators and students.  We want to further the interest in STEM topics equally for both our young men and women of tomorrow.   For this reason it is important for us to encourage teachers to learn about robotics, coding, algorithmic thinking and share their knowledge with children at school.  We equip teachers and children for the likely demands of the 21st century.

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