Research is showing young boys and girls under the age of 9 have equal interest in math and science, and it is not until they are older that they start to show gender-stereotypical preferences and girls start to lose interest, whether due to social cues or environmental influence.

It is the way we plan a classroom activity and the questions we invite children to explore that turn an ordinary play activity into savvy and pointed STEM education. Teaching methods are not only innovative, but also an essential segue into a student’s future academic and professional success.

Our workshops promote learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through playful exploration.  All four activities are linked to each other. It is our goal to promote STEM learning for our leaders of tomorrow, and to include and not leave behind our youngest women in future opportunities in science and technology.

We offer a number of workshops for children on different levels, whether in programming, robotics, or digital media.   They are easily used in combination with design, testing and iteration, and computational thinking.  We encourage children to show us their creativity and use it in our learning programs.

Gratis Programming Robotics Workshop

Designed with full support from Samsung, these workshops provide an excellent introduction to robotics and programming.  Designed for 3. - 6. Level students, these workshops feature the Thymio II Educational Robot and Samsung's A6 Tablet running Thymio VPL Programming application.    Click here to learn more about this project.

Adventures in Robotics After-School Program

Founded on the success of our "Introduction to Robotics" project in 2015, our after school program meets once a week to discover and explore exciting challenges with robotics.  This program engages students in engineering fundamentals, algorthimic thinking, coding, and collaboration.  Focused on the Thymio II robot, students also can explore with the Lego WeDo2 and Ozobot robots.  To learn more click here.  Now offered through Tekmania GmBH.

Introduction to Robotics

Continuing on the success of our initial offering, our Introduction to Robotics workshop is designed for 1. - 3. Level students.  Providing an excellent introduction to the world of robotics and technology for our youngest students, this workshop features the Thymio II Educational robot.  Click here to learn more about this project.

Your Project!

Interested in performing these workshops for yourself?  Would you like to start your own after-school robotics club, digital animation, or other?  Looking for a workshop for ICT week?  We are happy to assist and support you either starting your own after school program or during an in-class workshop you are teaching.  Click here to contact us with your specific needs.  

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