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Think Outside the Box.


Our workshops for teachers focus on specific approaches on how to use technology with your students.  

We offer workshops in robotics, coding, Sprint Design Theory, and more!

Our workshops help cover

Lehrplan 21.

Learn tips on how to integrate technology smoothly with your students.  Click here to find out more .


Our special activities and events

for children are now offered by Tekmania.  They include

educational programs for schools

and after-school programs. 

To learn more visit


Our clients are Teachers and Schools at the Primary School level.


We work with you to customize a workshop that is perfect for your needs.  


We show "how" to use your new skills with your students, not just "why".

Contact us to learn more about what we can do to help your team.


We love the quote of the American computer scientist Alain Kay, as we are addicted to technology and education; both are relevant for the future which we want to predict.  With our expertness, we offer the best of two worlds to a generation which is growing up with technology.

Today's students are digital natives, with intuitive and instinctive abilities to use technology to explore their world.  We show how to integrate these innate abilities into the everyday learning experience.  Whether in mathematics, social sciences, language or sport, technology can enhance children's learning and offer clear insights into the way they think and interact with the world around them.  We are convinced these technical skills will become very important employable skills in the future.

As education is playing an important role for children's future, we support and invest our expertise in children and their teachers.  It is important for us to encourage and support educators in learning about engineering, coding, algorithmic thinking and sharing their knowledge with children at school.  

We operate as a non-profit organization and work with foundations and strategic business partners to provide discounted or free workshops for the educational community.  Our workshops help empower today's teachers with skills and confidence to use technology with their students and equip them for the likely demands of the 21st century.


To learn more about our offerings and what we could do for your educational needs please send us an email at:

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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"  (Alain Kay)

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